Friday, February 24, 2017

365 Days of Dylan, Day 55: It Hurts Me Too

365 Days of Dylan, Day 55: "It Hurts Me Too." Here's Dylan, again with the blues and another cover from Self Portrait.

First recorded by Tampa Red in 1940, Elmore James had a 1957 hit with the song. Junior Wells recorded the song a few times, first in 1962. Here's his version from Essential Blues Masters. This song is also recorde as "(When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too."

Check out versions by Eric Clapton (solo and with Derek and Dominos) and Mike Bloomfield.

For a breathy, rhythmic take, Listen to First Aid Kit's cover.  And I'm extremely partial to Hound Dog Taylor's sizzling version.

I'm less than a poor guitar player, but I'm going to try to figure out this classic eight-bar blues on my beat-up six-string. Hopefully, if you ever hear me play, it won't hurt you too.

It Hurts Me To, chords and lyrics.

First Aid Kit has a unique way of making a song its own.
This version of "It Hurts Me Too" is no exception.

I like Dylan's cover, but Hound Dog Taylor's is probably my favorite. 
I love the cracking energy of his performance.

Buy "It Hurts Me Too" on Amazon. There's a version for just about every taste.



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Many YouTube videos featuring performances of "It Hurts Me Too." Here are a few:

Elmore James

The Grateful Dead, from Europe 1972

Foghat, yes, Foghat. Dayton, Ohio, 1997.

The Rolling Stones, 1969

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