Thursday, March 2, 2017

365 Days of Dylan, Day 61: Early Mornin' Rain

365 Days of Dylan, Day 61: Early Mornin' Rain from Self Portrait (1970).

I have longtime, fond memories of Early Morning Rain, or in this case, Early Mornin' Rain.

Written by Gordon Lightfoot and first released on his 1966 debut, Lightfoot!, I first came to know the song from Lightfoot's re-recording on 1975's Gord's Gold. His performance is light a favorite, warm comfortable sweater. Made me smile everytime it came on the radio. Still does. Though now the "radio" is often Spotify, YouTube or iTunes.

I've come to appreciate and enjoy Dylan's version too. Starts with a gentle, almost south-of-the-border guitar, piano and harmonica. He's a smooth, relaxed crooner on this one.

Need to go beyond Lightfoot or Dylan? You have plenty of choicesPeter, Paul and Mary, Ian & Sylvia, Judy Collins, Chad & Jeremy, Jerry Reed, Elvis Presley and Paul Weller all made the charts with a version of the song. 

Yearning for home and the promise or hope brighter days ahead, Early Mornin' Rain is a perfect traveling song.

Gordon Lightfoot, live in Chicago, 1979

Peter, Paul and Mary

Jerry Reed

Ian & Sylvia with Gordon Lightfoot

Alison Krauss and Union Station

Paul Weller

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