Thursday, December 29, 2016

Launching January 1, 2017: 365 Days of Dylan

Prince, Bowie, Merle, Jim Harrison, Carrie Fisher, Guy Clark, Muhammad Ali, Ralph Stanley...Sadly, this is to name just a few. Twenty-Sixteen was a tough year for my music, art and cultural heroes.

So for 2017, I'm taking a cue from Slate's celebration of legendary artists who are still living (See Wonder Week). I'm going to celebrate 365 days of Bob Dylan, his music, art and influence. I'll highlight one of his songs a day and share news, stories and other content throughout the year. I'll be curating a list of Dylan songs on Spotify and I've even launched an Amazon store featuring some of my favorite Dylan music and books.

This project is as much for me as for anyone who happens upon this blog, Spotify playlist or tweet. Bob Dylan's music, more than any other artist, has followed me, inspired me and influenced me throughout most of my life. This is a way to say "thanks" and share my love for Dylan's music while he's still on his endless tour.

Please share your Dylan memories. I'd love to hear how his music has matter to you.

I make a small commission for purchases made through the above Amazon Associates links.

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