Saturday, January 23, 2016

Song(s) of the Day for Susan: Fred Eaglesmith Playlist

Seems like it was about 1997 when I started listening to Fred Eaglesmith. I remember first hearing Fred on public radio, maybe it was Morning Edition, reporting on what it was like to be a traveling musician, living out of a bus. Not long after that, I started hearing his music on WNKU. One listen to "105" from Lipstick, Lies and Gasoline and I was a Fredhead for life. Here's a short playlist of Fred song's for Susan's Saturday.

"Wilder than Her" -- one of the first Fred Eaglesmith songs that hooked me and still one of my favorites.

"Johnny Cash" -- Love the big, crunchy Neil Young and Crazy Horse style guitar work.

"Water in the Fuel" -- Along with rural life, so many of Fred's songs are about the necessity and isolation of being on the road. In one place and wishing desperately you were in another.

"18 Wheels" This may be the same driver as the one in "Water in the Fuel," thousands of miles and dozens of years further down the road, running out of pavement. 

Three of my favorite Fred Eaglesmith releases available on Amazon:


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